Open Space - June: Speculative fiction and teacher education: Pedagogical tool or research method?

6 June 2022 

Tracy Helliwell (School of Education, University of Bristol)


In this open space, Tracy will be reflecting on her use of ‘speculative fiction’ as a pedagogical tool and as a research method within teacher education. She will be inviting open space participants to write speculatively for themselves, before presenting examples of her own work where she has engaged teachers in writing speculatively to support them in imagining their future classrooms. She will be exploring what teachers’ writing has revealed about what they imagine as possible in relation to teaching mathematics for sustainable futures.


Tracy is Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, University of Bristol, where she has worked since 2015. Before moving to the university, Tracy taught mathematics in secondary schools in and around Bristol for thirteen years. Tracy completed her PhD in 2021; a self-based narrative inspired study where she combined enactivist and narrative theories to develop a methodology for becoming a mathematics teacher educator.