• ‘Pockets’ project: Hawkswood college

    ‘Pockets’ project: Hawkswood college

  • “Inquiring into red/red inquiry’: Ammerdown workshop

    “Inquiring into red/red inquiry’: Ammerdown workshop

  • “Remembering Sue’ : Workshop at Ammerdown

    “Remembering Sue’ : Workshop at Ammerdown

  • “Other than human’ network members: Postcard from ‘collaborative artful inquiry’ book

    “Other than human’ network members: Postcard from ‘collaborative artful inquiry’ book

Collaborative artful narrative inquiry network

CANI-net: collaborative artful inquiry network






We are a community of scholars; artists; teachers; activists and others who gather together within (and across) diverse fields of play to inspire; critique; support and artfully collaborate. We come together at the crossroads between scholarship, art, education and activism, where we both hold our emergent ideas and practices and allow them to filter out across the world in imaginative, playful, scholarly, speculative and artful ways.   We are brought together as much by our differences as our commonalities, as well as our shared affinities with collaborative practices, and with a fluid, emergent and moving set of ideas: We have a shared history of working collaboratively together in open inquiry spaces; writing and art-making workshops; scholarly presentations; seminars and gatherings; publications; narrative inquiries; reading groups and in the promotion of other activities that encourage what we might describe as our ‘imagination-intellect’.  Some of our currently loosely-held and emerging ideas include feminism; post humanism; post colonialism; ethical know-how; entanglement; speculation; fabulation; not-yet-ness; thinking-in-motion; sustainability; intersectionality; uncertainty and inclusivity. We value diversity more than typicality; we value relationality and connectedness; expertise and excellence; emergence and coherence; creative facilitation and shared leadership; messiness and fuzziness as much as clarity, and process as much as outcome.