Ken works in the Plymouth Institute of Education in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business at the University of Plymouth in the UK. He has published widely and presented at a number of international conferences on the philosophy of education, critical engagements
with research methodologies, the use of writing as inquiry and collaborative approaches to speculative thought and action. In his current work, Ken is writing with the use of more than simply human approaches to thinking, doing and worlding. In this his approach foregrounds and enacts concept making as an event/ful, processual practice and works to set up encounters in creative and relational spacetime making and the in-formational play between discursively constructed and materially constituted aspects of life. His earlier book, Madness as Methodology: Bringing Concepts to Life in Contemporary Theorising and Inquiry, published by Routledge in March 2018, explores and engages with the (non) methodological
ways in which such forms of inquiry might be seen to take place. His current book, Writing and Immanence: Concept making and the reorientation of thought in pedagogy and inquiry, is scheduled for publication by Routledge later in 2022. In this, he sets up engagements with writing as immanent acts of inquiry and pedagogy, whilst writing against the simply representational practices associated with the neurotypical identifications, subjectifications and practices in-forming neoliberal institutional education at the current time.